Current Affair in Short : 01 June 2020

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Questions Based on Current Affairs 01 June 2020

  1. What is the value (equivalent to 10% GDP) of package that was announced by PM Modi to revive the Indian economy (May 2020) under “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan” (self-reliant India)?
    1) 10 Lakh Crores
    2) 15 Lakh Crores
    3) 5 Lakh Crores
    4) 20 Lakh Crores
    Answer-4) 20 Lakh Crores
    While addressing the nation on May 12, 2020, Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi announced Rs 20-lakh-crore stimulus package, equivalent to about 10% of India’s GDP.This package is an effort to revive the Indian economy which is facing adownward trend amid lockdown imposed to contain COVID-19. He also announced Lockdown 4.0 whose details will be disclosed before May 18, 2020.The details of the plan are dubbed as “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan” (self-reliant India) which is to be provided by Nirmala Sitharaman on the eve of May 13, 2020.

  2. The Thanjavur – Netti Works and Arambavur- Wood Carvings form Tamil Nadu and Telangana’s TeliaRumal cloth are added to GI tag, along with SohraiKhovar painting of which Indian state?
    1) Jharkhand
    2) Bihar
    3) Andhra Pradesh
    4) Madhya Pradesh
    Answer-1) Jharkhand
    Geographical Indications Registry headquartered in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) has granted Geographical Indication (GI) tag for 4 new products from three states. Jharkhand’s SohraiKhovar painting (a traditional and ritualistic mural art), Telangana’s TeliaRumal cloth (an intricate handmade work with cotton loom) and Thanjavur Netti Works (pith works) and Arambavur Wood Carvings form the state of Tamil Nadu (TN) are the latest addition in the GI list.

  3. Along with which organization the ICMR has initiated a population-based ‘sero-survey’ in selected districts to monitor COVID-19 prevalence?
    1) Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy
    2) Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
    3) National Centre for Disease Control
    4) Centre for Science and Environment
    Answer-3) National Centre for Disease Control
    Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) and National Centre for Disease Control(NCDC) are set to initiate a population-based sero-survey in selected districts in collaboration with key stakeholders and State Health Departments so as to monitor the trend of COVID-19 infection at district level as there is a need to establish systematic surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 infection in all districts of the country.

  4. Which division of southern railways partnered with Kerala circle of postal department for door delivery and pick up of parcels to help the public during the lockdown.
    1) Thiruvananthapuram
    2) Cochin
    3) Visakhapatnam
    4) Palakkad
    Answer-1) Thiruvananthapuram
    TheThiruvananthapuram division of Southern Railways and Kerala Circle of Postal department has initiated a first of its kind to establish tie up with the door delivery and pick up of parcels to help the public during the lockdown.

  5. Name the places of Pakistan occupied Kashmir which has been included in Indian Meteorological Department’s (IMD) weather forecasting for the 1st time?
    1) Gilgit-Baltistan
    2) Muzaffarabad
    3) Mirpur
    4) Both 1) and 2)
    Answer-4) Both 1) and 2)
    In the midst of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis, the Regional Meteorological Centre of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), has included the areas of Gilgit-Baltistan and Muzaffarabad, which are parts of PoK (Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir) in its weather forecasting for the 1st time. The department taken this decision as it says that it is a part of India and the country always maintains its position that PoK belongs to India.

  6. Name the organisation which launched the musical creation “United We Fight”, written and composed by Joe Alvares.
    1) Centre for Cultural Resources and Training
    2) Nehru Memorial Museum and Library
    3) Sahitya Akademi
    4) Indian Council for Cultural Relations
    Answer-4) Indian Council for Cultural Relations
    Indian Council for Cultural Relations(ICCR) has unveiled a musical creation “United we Fight”, which was Written and composed by Joe Alvares to fight against COVID-19.The Indian Embassy stated that the song is dedicated to the world by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India.

  7. Name the Indian state which has highest number of under-five and neonatal deaths in 2017 as per “Subnational mapping of under-5 and neonatal mortality trends in India: the Global Burden of Disease Study 2000–17”.
    1) Bihar
    2) Haryana
    3) Uttar Pradesh
    4) Odisha
    Answer-3) Uttar Pradesh
    “Subnational mapping of under-5 and neonatal mortality trends in India: the GlobalIn accordance with the two papers on child survival published by India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative titled “Subnational mapping of under-5 and neonatal mortality trends in India: the Global Burden of Disease Study 2000–17”, child and maternal malnutrition was the predominant risk factorin India as it attributed to 68•2% of under-5 deathswhile low birth weight and short gestation led to 83•0% of neonatal deaths in 2017. On the other hand, 10•8% of under-5 deaths could be attributed to unsafe water and sanitation and 8•8% to air pollution. In Uttar Pradesh, 48% of the districts fell in the highest priority category of high NMR and low rate of reduction for the nationwide distribution of the district-level rates. The highest number of under-five deaths in 2017 was reported in Uttar Pradesh at 312,800, which included 165,800 neonatal deaths.

  8. What is the grant that was provided by Shanghai based BRICS’ New Development Bank as loan to India to fight COVID-19 (May 2020)?
    1) USD 5 Billion
    2) USD 3 Billion
    3) USD 2 Billion
    4) USD 1 Billion
    Answer-4) USD 1 Billion
    In order to provide a financial aid to Indian economy which is facing human, social and economic losses due to COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, the New Development Bank of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries has fully disbursed USD 1 billion emergency assistance loan to India.

  9. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of which country has promised USD 3.6 million to India to combat against the COVID-19?
    1) United States
    2) Germany
    3) Spain
    4) Italy
    Answer-1) United States
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) of the United States of America has promised 3.6 million(around 27 crores) to the government of India, the first tranche of funding to help in strengthen the India to combat against the COVID-19 pandemic and to increase the laboratory capacity of SARS-COV-2 testing and to help molecular diagnostics and serology.

  10. The Madhya Pradesh government has re-launched ‘Sambal Yojana’ to strengthen the lives of the poor and dalit communities. Who is the governor of Madhya Pradesh?
    1) Anandiben Patel
    2) Jagdeep Dhankhar
    3) Ganga Prasad
    4) LalJi Tandon
    Answer-4) LalJi Tandon
    Madhya Pradesh(MP) Chief Minister(CM) Shivraj Singh Chouhan re-launched Sambal Yojana to strengthen the lives of the poor and Scheduled Caste(SC) and Scheduled Tribe(ST) communities by providing them social security cover, right from birth to death. He transferred Rs 41.33 crores to 1903 beneficiaries account.Governor– LalJi Tandon.

  11. V Vidyavati has been appointed as Director General of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Who is the newly appointed Chief of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) with effect from May 12, 2020?
    1) Manoj Ahuja
    2) Anurag Jain
    3) Anita Karwal
    4) Katikithala Srinivas
    Answer-1) Manoj Ahuja
    As a part of bureaucratic reshuffle, Manoj Ahuja, senior IAS officer is appointed as the new Chief of Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), Anurag Jain as the Vice-Chairman of Delhi Development Authority(DDA) and V Vidyavati as the Director General of Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) effective from 12th May 2020.

  12. Akhil Kumar, the former boxer of India has been re-inducted into National Anti-Doping Agency’s (NADA) Disciplinary Panel. Who is the DG of NADA?
    1) Vineet Dhanda
    2) Sunny Choudhary
    3) Charu Pragya
    4) Navin Agarwal
    Answer-4) Navin Agarwal
    Former Commonwealth Games gold-winning Indian boxer Akhil Kumar, 39 years old, was re-inducted into the National Anti-Doping Agency’s (NADA) Disciplinary Panel. He was formerly in the panel from 2017 to 2019.NADA: Director-General– Navin Agarwal.

  13. Name the Indian airport which has won the SKYTRAX Award 2020 for Best Regional Airport in India and Central Asia.
    1) Kempegowda International Airport
    2) Indira Gandhi International Airport
    3) Cochin International Airport
    4) Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport
    Answer-1) Kempegowda International Airport
    The Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in Bengaluru (Karnataka) has won the SKYTRAX Award 2020 for Best Regional Airport in India and Central Asia. It ranks 68th in World’s Top 100 Airports 2020 list, which was topped by Singapore Changi Airport.

    Rank Airport Name Country
    1 Singapore Changi Airport Singapore
    2 Tokyo Haneda Airport Japan
    3 Hamad International Airport Qatar
    68 Kempegowda International Airport India

  14. TheCommittee under the Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee (CIBRC) has recommended to ban use streptomycin and tetracycline drugs on crops. The Streptomycin is the drug used to treat which disease?
    1) Malaria
    2) Tuberculosis
    3) Cholera
    4) Dengue
    Answer-2) Tuberculosis
    The Registration Committee (RC) under the Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee(CIBRC) has recommended the use of Tuberculosis(TB) drugs(antibiotics) like streptomycin and tetracycline to be banned completely with immediate effect on crops where other options were available for bacterial disease control. This recommendation was accepted.

  15. What is the rank of India in World Economic Forum (WEF)’s global Energy Transition Index (ETI) 2020 which was topped by Sweden?
    1) 79
    2) 66
    3) 59
    4) 74
    Answer-4) 74
    According to the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s global Energy Transition Index (ETI) 2020, India has moved up two places from rank 76th (2019) to 74th with a score of 51.5%, Sweden (74.2%) topped for the 3rd consecutive time followed by Switzerland (73.4%) and Finland (72.4%). The index is a composite score of 40 indicators, benchmarks 115 countries on the current performance of their energy system, and readiness for transition to a secure, sustainable, affordable, and inclusive future energy system.

    Rank Country
    India 74
    Sweden 1
    Switzerland 2
    Finland 3

  16. The Sundaram Medical Foundation of TVS groupand which IIT has jointly developed low-cost, automated respiratory assistance device named “Sundaram Ventago”?
    1) IIT Kolkata
    2) IIT Madras
    3) IIT Delhi
    4) IIT Bombay
    Answer-2) IIT Madras
    The TVS (ThirukkurungudiVengaramSundram) group, the Sundaram Medical Foundation, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)- Madras, have jointly developed a low-cost, automated respiratory assistance device called “Sundaram Ventago” that will be useful in remote and rural areas where ventilator facilities are not available and would have a great impact of post COVID-19.

  17. The astronomers of which university has discovered a new rare new Super-Earth planet?
    1) Stanford University
    2) Yale University
    3) University of Canterbury
    4) Tsinghua University
    Answer-3) University of Canterbury
    Team of Astronomers at the University of Canterbury(UC),New Zealand, led by Dr. Antonio Herrera Martin and Associate Professor Michael Albrow discovered a new rare new Super-Earth planet towards the center of the galaxy which is one of the planets similar to the size and orbit compared to the Earth.

  18. The scientist of South African & US use which telescope to solve the mystery of ‘X- shaped radio galaxies’?
    1) Arecibo
    2) Hubble
    3) Effelsberg
    4) MeerKAT
    Answer-4) MeerKAT
    A team of astronomers from the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO), the (US) National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), the University of Pretoria, and Rhodes University(Both in South Africa), have used the MeerKAT telescope to solve a longstanding puzzle in ‘X’-shaped radio galaxies.The results have been published in the journal ‘Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society’.

  19. Manmeet Singh Walia who passed away recently is associated with which sports?
    1) Badminton
    2) Hockey
    3) Table Tennis
    4) Billiards
    Answer-3) Table Tennis
    Former National Table Tennis (TT) champion Manmeet Singh Walia, passed away at the age of 58 in Montreal,Canada. Manmeet was suffering from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), a disease that causes motor neuron degeneration, leading to voluntary muscle impairment.

  20. Bessie Regina Norris(Betty Wright) who is in news recently is a renowned ________.
    1) Actor
    2) Banker
    3) Activist
    4) Singer
    Answer-4) Singer
    Bessie Regina Norris, better known by her stage name Betty Wright, was an American Soul and R&B (Rhythm & blues) singer, songwriter and background vocalist passed away at the age of 66 in Miami, Florida, US (United States) due to cancer. She was born on December 21, 1953, in Miami, Florida, US.

  21. Name the ministry which has launched CHAMPIONS portal, a Technology-driven control room-cum-Management Information System.
    1) Ministry of Defence
    2) Ministry of Corporate Affairs
    3) Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
    4) Ministry of Commerce and Industry
    Answer-3) Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
    Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSME)launched CHAMPIONS(Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes for Increasing the Output and National Strength) portal(, a Technology-driven control room-cum-Management Information System. The system utilises modern Information and Communications Technology(ICT) tools.

  22. Name the Indian state which has launched ‘HOPE’ portal to help unemployed youth of the state?
    1) Uttarakhand
    2) Jharkhand
    3) Bihar
    4) Punjab
    Answer-1) Uttarakhand
    The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat launched ‘HOPE’- Helping Out People Everywhere a portal to create employment opportunities for the youths in their expertise and to provide skill development opportunities.

STATIC GK based on Current Affairs

  1. Pangong Tso lake is part of which Indian state/UT (Both India & China are basin countries)?
    1) Ladakh
    2) Jammu & Kashmir
    3) Arunachal Pradesh
    4) Meghalaya
    Answer-1) Ladakh
    Helicopters of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) came close to the border during the face-off with the Indian Army near Pangong Tso lake in Eastern Ladakh last week, but there was no air space violation on either side, as per Indian Air Force (IAF) sources.

  2. Over 90% of the potential distribution of the Sal forest tortoise species falls outside current protected area’s network. The study was published in which journal?
    1) PLOS One
    2) Journal on Taxonomy
    3) Herpetological Conservation and Biology
    4) Species
    Answer-3) Herpetological Conservation and Biology
    The sal forest tortoise is widely distributed over eastern and northern India and Southeast Asia. However, it is not common in any of this terrain. In fact, 23 of the 29 species of freshwater turtle and tortoise species found in India come under the threatened category in the IUCN red list and are under severe existential threat due to human activities.Also known as the elongated tortoise (Indotestudoelongata), the sal forest tortoise, recently assessed as critically endangered, is heavily hunted for food.A recent study by ecologists in the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, finds that the area designated as a protected area network has only a small overlap with the actual habitat it roams around in. According to the authors of the study published in the journal Herpetological Conservation and Biology, over 90% of the potential distribution of the species falls outside current protected area’s network.

  3. Hoogly river which is in news recently belongs to which Indian state?
    1) Gujarat
    2) Goa
    3) Maharashtra
    4) West Bengal
    Answer-4) West Bengal
    Environmental experts and fisheries organisations have flagged a serious threat to the ecology of the Indian Sundarbans due to recent incidents of fly ash-filled barges capsizing and sinking in the Hooghly river. Two fly ash-filled barges sank on April 9, 2020, within a range of 30 kilometres — one on the Hooghly close to Tangrachar village of Kulpi block in morning; the second on the Muriganga river, that meets the Hooghly near Sagar island, in the afternoon.Hugli River, Hugli also spelled Hooghly, river in West Bengal state, northeastern India.

  4. Who is the present Director of National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)?
    1) Manoj Ahuja
    2) Vidyavathi
    3) Sujeet Kumar Singh
    4) Anurag Jain
    Answer-3) Sujeet Kumar Singh
    The Institute NCDC is under administrative control of the Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India. Sujeet Kumar Singh is the present director of NCDC.

  5. What is the capital and currency of Canada?
    1) New York & Dollar
    2) Ottawa & Dollar
    3) Havana & Pound
    4) Havana & Dollar
    Answer-2) Ottawa & Dollar
    The Capital and currency of Canada is Ottawa and Canadian Dollar respectively.

  6. What is India’s target to reduce number of deaths per live birth for under-5 mortality & neonatal mortality by 2025 as per National Health Policy (NHP) 2017.
    1) 22&15
    2) 22&26
    3) 12&18
    4) 23&16
    Answer-4) 23&16
    India had the largest proportion, about a fifth, of the 5•4 million under-5 deaths globally in 2017. India’s National Health Policy (NHP) 2017 set a target of 23 deaths per 1000 livebirths for under-5 mortality and 16 deaths per 1000 livebirths for neonatal mortality by 2025. Government has also set a target of fewer than ten neonatal deaths per 1000 livebirths by 2030 under the India Newborn Action Plan. To reach the SDG 2030 targets individually, 246 (34%) districts for U5MR and 430 (59%) districts for NMR would need a higher rate of improvement than they had up to 2017.